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Money Saving Tips for Your Next Pond Project

How to Save Money During a Pond Build. Ponds don’t have to be expensive… but they don’t have to look cheap either.  Just as important as balancing your pond’s ecology[…]

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Problem Wildlife – Prevent Them From Invading Your Pond.

Pond owners will inevitably see wildlife visitors on occasion.  Many of these animals like frogs, song birds, and such are welcomed.  Other animals are a major concern for pond owners! […]

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Attracting Beneficial Wildlife To Your Pond

A pond will serve as a magnet for attracting wildlife to your property, though there are both advantages and disadvantages to animal visitors.  Some animals are harmless, entertaining, and/or beneficial[…]

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Nature is our Focus 
Our focus is on creating an ecological balance of plants, animals, and water. See why it’s a better way.

Minimize Use of Chemicals and Fertilizers

Chemicals and fertilizers are absorbed into the bodies of amphibians and other animals. These can negatively impact reproduction and lifespan.

Embrace Natural Food Sources

Allowing more natural areas in and around the pond minimize the need to constantly feed your fish. Also the variety of food allows the fish to grow faster and healthier. 

Minimize Use of Electricity

Minimizing the use of electricity SAVES YOU MONEY. It’s cheaper than installing expensive plumbing systems, filters, and constantly running pumps. It allows you to have more money to build a larger pond.

Protect Fish from Predators

While it’s nice to see our fish all the time, so can the herons, eagles, and other predators. Soil on the bottom of the pond adds turbidity and maximizes plant growth to provide ample cover from predators.

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