Build, maintain, or repair ponds the way nature intended.

Money Saving Tips for Your Next Pond Project

How to Save Money During a Pond Build. Ponds don’t have to be expensive… but they don’t have to look cheap either.  Just as important as balancing your pond’s ecology is balancing your budget.  Here are some tips on how to save money during a pond build.   Materials Being smart about where you source your…
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Problem Wildlife – Prevent Them From Invading Your Pond.

Pond owners will inevitably see wildlife visitors on occasion.  Many of these animals like frogs, song birds, and such are welcomed.  Other animals are a major concern for pond owners!  Here is a list of pond visitors that might pose a problem and possible solutions for avoiding them.   Herons/Egrets Number one concern of koi/goldfish pond…
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Attracting Beneficial Wildlife To Your Pond

A pond will serve as a magnet for attracting wildlife to your property, though there are both advantages and disadvantages to animal visitors.  Some animals are harmless, entertaining, and/or beneficial to the pond ecosystem, while others can pose various threats to it.   Most of the animal visitors are just passing through while others are more…
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The 6 Myths About Keeping Koi

There is a whole lot of misinformation out there in reference to keeping koi.  Most of the information comes from businesses that someway or another make money on selling you expensive koi, installations, and products.  With a naturally skeptical nature, I researched extensively before putting koi in my pond and found out quickly that many…
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Choosing the Perfect Spot For Your Pond

How to Choose a Location for Your Pond Have you considered adding a pond to your landscape?  If so, this is the guide for you. There are many factors that should be considered before choosing your perfect spot for your perfect pond.  With proper planning, the pond can be a successful addition to your property…
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Combating Algae: It’s All About Competition

Algae can be considered the bane of any pond owner. There are numerous combat tactics, primarily chemical treatments that can do more harm than good…

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